The Big Trip 2005

If you’re really really determined,  and really fortunate, you may have an opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. That happened to us in 2005.

We sold the house. We sold the cars. In fact we sold everything that wouldn’t fit in a 5X10 locker and took off in a motorhome. We’re still not sure why a couple of teenagers (Carissa & Ian) would buy into being cooped up with middle aged parents, but we are grateful they did.

We didn’t really know exactly what we’d do, or how long it would take. As it turned out, it took 27,000 miles and a full year to get to across America.

Blogging was just getting to be a ‘thing’ in 2005, and we were learning as we went. You’ll notice how the quality of the blog is a bit rudimentary at first.

If you’d like to read the entire story, the original web site is at: